CEC ArtsLink¬†promotes international communication and understanding through collaborative, innovative arts projects for mutual benefit. We support and produce programs that encourage the exchange of visual and performing artists and cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas. As an international organization, we believe that the arts are a society’s most deliberate and complex means of communication and that the work of artists and arts administrators can help nations overcome long histories of reciprocal distrust, insularity and conflict.

Our organization was founded in 1962 to enable citizens of the United States and the Soviet Union to accomplish what their governments would not do – open doors, share ideas and build mutual trust. Our lasting partnerships abroad enable us to build and broaden our international reach, as today’s transformed and complex world makes citizen diplomacy more urgently necessary than ever.

bench_thumbThe CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residency program provides opportunities for international artists and curators to conduct research, create new work, collaborate with the local arts community, and create special projects in St. Petersburg, Russia. Each month-long residency is individually designed to enable visiting artists and curators to learn about the Russian arts community, develop their own work, and share their work and culture with local audiences. During their residency, artists and curators are expected to participate in at least one public program.

bedroom_thumbThe CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residency program invites artists and curators interested in learning about contemporary art in Russia and building relationships with the local arts community. Preference is given to artists and curators working in the fields of socially engaged art and public art. However, artists working in other fields are also welcomed.