WELCOME June Resident Artist!

Pim Zwier (Amsterdam, Netherlands) will spend his time exploring St. Petersburg and its arts organizations, conducting research, creating new work, and sharing his art with the local community.   Below is information about the participant and his proposed residency project. During his stay, Pim will share his experiences and observations as visiting artist in St. Petersburg in the Back Apartment Residency Blog.

Pim Zwier (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

pim zwier

Pim Zwier is an independent filmmaker and media artist focusing on documentaries, short films and media installations. His recent work investigates the link between past and present by examining and utilizing archival materials.

Proposed project
He will use this opportunity to work on a series of multigenerational video-portraits of local men and women. Inspired by the early work of the Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorskii, Zwier will employ a vintage photographic process of color separation to create these video-portraits.


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